Tips For A Stress-Free Vehicle Purchase

Investing in a new car stresses a lot of people out. Knowing that the vehicle that you choose will be what gets you around for the next few years causes anxiety that you probably want to avoid. Here, you'll find a few tips to help you end up in the vehicle that you want and can afford without losing your mind in the process. What type of vehicle do you want or need?

Big Responsibilities: Three Reasons To Get Your Teen A Small SUV

Once your teenager has passed the test for their license, it's likely that they will immediately begin to ask for a car. As a parent, trusting your teen with a car will be one of the largest responsibilities that you grant them. You want to know that they will drive safely and that the car itself operates in a safe manner. Getting your child a sedan is a common way to go, but it can prove more fruitful to get your teenager an SUV.